Our story

Our mission: To continually inspire, shape, and evolve your personal style with confidence.

1What is style?

Style is an ongoing process of finding the clothes that express your individuality, suited for the way you live and work. Our stylists work hard to find the looks you will love and wear.

2What is your style?

What makes you feel confident? What shows your individual spark? What do your clothes say about you? What do you want them to say? These are the types of questions our stylists ask to handpick the right style for you.

3How do successful people make it look so easy?

Personal taste paired with the help of professional stylists who select outfits and match trends with personalities.

4Why Handpicked?

We believe everyone deserves to dress with style. We believe style is driven by human intuition, not shopping algorithms. We find you outfits and accessories that elevate your style. Everything we do keeps in mind your unique personality and individuality. We work with premium brands and get you the best deals at an affordable price.

5How does it work?

Find the style you love

Browse the website when you’re looking for inspiration or want to see new trends. You can select an outfit that you like, or click the “Surprise me” button, and your HandPicked adventures begin.

We curate a complete outfit based on your choices and the information you provide. We keep your preferences, history, and inspirations on hand, so your stylist can make thoughtful, individualized selections. We handpick every item from premier, trusted brands at the best prices available. Then we send the complete outfit straight to your door.

Get it to your home

Keep what you like, send back the rest

When you receive an outfit, try on your new look. We think you’ll love everything, but you only need to keep the items you like. Be ready to look and feel amazing.

6What’s the benefit? Can’t I just do this myself?

If you have hours and hours of free time and like to do things alone. Yes. But, imagine opening a package where everything has been chosen for you, handpicked by someone who knows you and shares your sense of style.

Like in any friendship or relationship, we grow with you.

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