HandPicked.fashion is a personalized styling service that uses a combination of technology and human touch to provide you the best outfits based on your budget, size, style and taste. We create outfits from known and trusted brands only selecting the best prices available in the market. Enjoy unique outfits hand-picked by our professional stylists at the best prices you can get.

How does HandPicked work?


Find the style you love

We have the predefined selection of different styles our professional stylists have created. You can choose one of them and our stylists will customize it for your body type and size. Or you can click the “Surprise me” button and we will send you the best outfit our stylists have with the best items. If you have saved styles in your profile, we will review them and create the outfit for you based on your taste and preferences.


Get a unique outfit

We will create the outfit hand-picking the items for you. It may take time since each outfit we are creating just for you. We believe that such a personal approach is essential for creating a unique outfit that you will love. We will charge the total sum of all items just before shipping. The shipping cost is free of charge.


Keep what you like,
send back the rest.

When you get your box with an outfit, try it on in the comfort of your home. Enjoy pairing your pieces together or mixing and matching with your current wardrobe. Please keep all original labels. Send us items that you don’t like. We will provide you with a return label. The styling fee of $20 is deducted from the reimbursed sum.



You can subscribe to our service and get our boxes on a regular basis, or you are free to choose a one-time box. It’s up to you!

Get my first box

If you have a question, please write us directly to