How does StyleBox work?

StyleBox is a personalized styling service that uses a combination of technology and human touch to provide you the best outfits based on your budget, size, and taste. Our professional stylists create unique outfits, handpicked from known and trusted brands, only selecting the best prices you can get.


Find the Style You Love

It’s up to you! You can share your favorite outfits with us or choose one of the outfits created by our stylists and they will customize it for your body type and size. Or we can surprise you! Just click the “Get StyleBox” button and we will send you the best outfit our stylists have with the best items. If you have saved styles in your profile, we will review them and create the outfit based on your taste.

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Let Stylists Do the Rest

We believe that a personal approach is essential for creating a unique style that you will love.

  • We make it unique. While other services send you boxes with templated outfits, we create your personalized look from your inspirations and our expertise.
  • We put things together. Our stylists develop a capsule wardrobe, a stylistic theme and color palette of perfectly matched items.
  • We work with top, known and trusted brands, scanning the market for best available prices.

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Keep What You Like, Send Back the Rest

Once you receive your Box, you will have three days to try on your new look curated by our stylists. Enjoy pairing your pieces together or mixing and matching with your current wardrobe. We think you’ll love everything, but you only need to keep the items you like. Please keep all original labels. The return label will be included in your Box. We hold the price of the order upon shipping your stylist`s curated box as a security deposit. The hold will be lifted after returns are received.

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You can subscribe to our service and get our boxes on a regular basis, or you are free to choose a one-time box. It’s up to you!

Get started today with a professional stylist.

Like in any friendship or relationship, we grow with you.